How to Convert Your Internship/Work Experience into a Full-time Job as an International Student


November 14, 2019

As an international student in the UK, it becomes important to act fast if you want to stay and work after graduation. We have talked to a number of recent graduates in the UK, who managed to find jobs because of their summer or spring internships. 

But what do you have to do to make sure you get 

1. Hunt for an internship wisely. As an international student in the UK, one of the major reasons behind an internship is the hope that it will convert into a full-time job for you. But, have a look at these requirements (link to our first blog) and understand that if you intend to land a full-time gig at the organisation, it should be in a position to be able to sponsor your work visa, should they so intend to. So, prior to applying for internships and going through the arduous recruitment process, 

2. Bring your best to the job. Don’t just finish the work assigned to you. Go the extra mile. Double, triple check your work for accuracy. Do everything you can to add value to the output. Go above and beyond your job description. 

3. Network beyond your own department. Follow-up any face-to-face networking with a LinkedIn connection. It leaves a lasting memory. Networking is a huge part of being an intern. It doesn’t have to be limited to bumping into others at the coffee machine or in the washroom. It is your opportunity to gather information, build up a contact list, make an elevator pitch about yourself, and understand deeply how the organisation works across departments. The more people you talk to, the better your understanding, and that can help you strategize your next move better. Ask questions about everyone’s job roles and their journeys, try to understand how they reached where you want to reach too. It goes a long way in making an informed next move.

4. Actively ask for feedback and act upon it: Eliciting feedback is important in an internship, so that you can manage the expectations of the prospective job role well. Not only for the employer but also for you to assess whether the job is something you’d like to work on. Additionally, it might win you a mentor in a field you are willing to work.

5. Make your work count. Pursue projects. Deliver beyond the call of duty. Find interesting projects to work on, and contribute ideas wherever you are keen. In an internship, everyone is there to learn, but your enthusiasm and dedication will count substantially. Contribute to meetings, even though it might feel scary and uncomfortable. Who knows you might offer a fresh perspective that could save the day?

6. Demonstrate your discipline. Be in the office before time. Don’t while away your time on mobile phone and social media. Adhere to deadlines, and be active in seeking feedback, and submitting revisions if needed.Remember, you have already landed an internship, which wasn’t an easy feat either. So now prove to your managers that there’s benefit in keeping you around permanently in a full-time gig.

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